Major Digital Project Learning Journey & Final Post

Finished the dresser top with Unicorn Spit!

Wow!  What a journey!  I have learned a great deal over the course of the last several weeks, through working to completion of my major digital project and the EC&I 831 synchronous online classes!  Not only have I learned a new skill (painting with Unicorn Spit (U.S.) product) that has been historically used as a form of art therapy in healthcare, but I have also had countless opportunities to explore and learn various methods of sharing my learning through blogging, vlogging, TikTok, and Twitter. 

One of my fellow classmates pointed out that it was not so much work to actually learn a new skill; the truest difficulty lay in countless hours of video and blog editing plus research involved from week to week.  It was fulfilling work – all that I have learned will enable me to find ways to promote open educational practices (OEP) with nursing students through my instructional methods and course design.  I have immensely enjoyed watching my fellow students progress through their various skill developments as well! 

Summary of Major Digital Project Posts

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September 30 Major Project Outline I began my skill development by completing a lot of research, watching YouTube video tutorials, and becoming a member of an online Facebook Unicorn Spit group.

Face-to-face Tree Ring Pour Class

October 15 Major Project Progress I attended a face-to-face class, ‘Tree Ring Pour’, at the Centennial market, to give me hands on training in one method of Unicorn Spit Paint application.  This week I organized my goals for skill development.

Face-to-face on left – recreated with Unicorn Spit on right

October 20 Next Step… Instructional Youtube Video Blog Post This week I applied what I learned from the face-to-face class, to create my own instructional video to show others how to create a ‘tree ring pour’ painting.  Instead of using acrylic paint, I used the Unicorn Spit paint product.  I had watched tutorials using this application method so I wanted to give it a try.  I wasn’t perfectly happy with my final painting, but know what I would do differently next time to be more successful.  Perhaps I’ll give that a try after Christmas!

TikTok video

October 16 TikTok Post – Sharing my Learning from Face-to-Face Class I took advantage of the directive by Dr. Alec Couros, for students to learn a new social media application, when I created a TikTok video to showcase my learning in the face-to-face paint class. 

Applying Unicorn Spit to the ‘Swan’

October 29 Major Project Progress – Swan to Peacock I used Unicorn Spit paint to transform a vintage ceramic ornament into a swan colored art piece (so to speak!).  It was a little tricky as I had to prep the surface first using different methods, but I feel I did what I set out to do and was happy with the finished product!

November 9 Next Phase of my Major Digital Project: Unicorn Spit as a Wood Stain I created and posted a YouTube video on my blog, to share my completion of applying Unicorn Spit as a stain to a wood nightstand.  Thankfully this time I only had to sand the surface a little bit before applying the Unicorn Spit.  I was happy with the results!

Stripping the paint from the dresser top – stinky business!!!

November 23 Confessions of a Busy Couple Weeks This week I posted my small progress on the last step of my major project – explaining how I had to prepare the old dresser I planned to paint.  Stripping the paint was a huge job because there was about 25 years of old paint on it! Then it had to be sanded down. 

Final Step of Learning Project: Application of Unicorn Spit to Dresser as a Paint/Stain

Before and after pics of the final step of my Unicorn Spit painting journey!

Today I am posting my final part of my major digital project!  Please click on the following video showing my progress and completion of applying the Unicorn Spit paint to the top of the dresser.  I also ventured on a small side track and created my own ‘chalk paint’ to give the front and sides of the dresser a grey color matte finish.

Overall, I am really happy with the Unicorn Spit paint product, and thrilled that I was able to complete this learning journey!  Unicorn Spit paint is super easy to use, and if one isn’t happy with how it looks, it can be painted over.  It isn’t permanent unless you apply a protective finish over top.  It smells amazing!  The paint/gel/stain has a light jasmine scent to it, so even to my perfume sensitive nose, it is not an obnoxious smell at all! 

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I really appreciated having the opportunity to be myself while learning this skill and through sharing my learning!

What I really love is the versatility of this product!  It has sooo many applications!  In my learning journey, I used it as a paint on canvas, paint on ceramic, colored stain on wood, and combination paint/stain on wood.  There are so many other uses that I can’t wait to explore on my free time!  I really appreciated having numerous online resources available to guide my use of this product through Unicorn Spit Canada Website, Facebook pages, Twitter sites and countless Youtube tutorials!  

The other learning aspect of this major digital project that stands out for me, was having the opportunity to share my learning and receive feedback and encouragement from my peers throughout my journey.  Now I feel quite comfortable with the ins and outs of posting to Youtube, and creating WordPress blog posts.  I am still familiarizing myself with Twitter, but it is fast becoming addictive!

Thanks for reading my final blog post and sharing in my learning journey! 

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6 thoughts on “Major Digital Project Learning Journey & Final Post

  1. Melinda

    Hi Lori,

    I love the way you summarized the major steps of your journey. What an amazing skill you’ve learnt. And the final product is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dean Vendramin

    Wow. Great breakdown of your journey. Glad to see that you got so much out of this class and tried things you might not have before (that is more important than a mark to me). Your unicorn spit projects are amazing … you took a run down looking drawer and transformed it into an amzing piece of art (I’m sure you would have a huge return on your investment if you decided to sell it). Thanks for sharing.


  3. What a great summary. I enjoyed your written recap and the video of your final project was vert well done and informative. I feel like I have learned a lot about this technique from following along through your posts. Thanks for sharing your learning journey with us!


  4. You did a fantastic job with your project this semester, Lori! It’s really impressive to see you tackle such a large project for your final part. You did a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I loved learning alongside you in this class 🙂


  5. I agree with everyone else, I love how you broke down your progress throughout the semester. I LOVE the dresser that you finished, it is beautiful. There are so many different crafty things you can do with this technique, and I fear that I would fall down a deep dark whole of being crafty. Great job!


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