Summary of Learning EC&I 831

Wow! I can’t believe I have finished my final learning summary! I was extremely challenged technologically but I powered through and did my best! I was happy to follow through in what I originally had planned – to do a side-by-side split screen presentation.

My dog, Xena, is mad at me in this pic for ignoring her to shoot this video! You can hear her barking in my blooper reel!

My sixteen year old son, Justin, assisted me in videotaping and also doing some narrating so I could time the different parts separately before piecing them back together on the split screen. Perfecting the timing was definitely difficult, but using the timestamps really helped.

All in all, I’m happy with the end result. I went over by about one minute on the video length (8 min), then added in a blooper reel (what video isn’t complete without one?) that was another 1&1/2 minutes. I used the video editor, Filmora 9.0, which is very user friendly! Hope you enjoy watching!


Sound Effects:

  • Fesliyan Studios Background music

VideoEditor Filmora 9.0


Pavan Arora – ‘Knowledge is Obsolete So Now What

Lawrence Lessig – ‘Laws that Choke Creativity‘ TedTalk

Dr. Verena Roberts – ‘What is OEP?’ Presentation in ECI 831 Class

Exploring with Cody (Canadian Travel Vlog)

4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning EC&I 831

  1. Dean Vendramin

    Great work. I had an Atari 2600 and a Commodore 64 (too bad you couldn’t find a rotary phone – like gag me with a spoon) haha. I’m still living in the 80s (music wise anyways haha). You brought up so great points and your video really drives home how much the world has change from my teenage years – glad I’ve grow with the times (but not musically – for sure). Bloopers a nice touch too (lots of work went into your project). Thanks for like totally sharing.


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