Major Project Progress: Swan to Peacock

This week I decided to use Unicorn Spit (US) paint to try transforming an old ceramic pinkish colored swan into a peacock! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a ‘before’ pic, but the swan looked something like the picture below:  Boring, right? That’s probably why no one wanted to pay 25 cents at last summer’s garage sale for it!!!

$18.28 at

The first step to prepare the surface first, by washing it with soap and water.  According to UnicornSpit Australia instructions, to apply US to ceramic or glass I had to first apply a thin coat of Modpodge, using a dollar store foam paint brush.  The modpodge would give the US something to adhere to, as well as make the finished product more durable.  Next, I let that dry for a day. 

Then, for the fun part!  I applied the US paint to the ceramic swan.  I was trying to go for a marbled look, using my favorite colors, which also happen to be ‘peacock’ colors.  I used Dragon’s Belly Green, Blue Thunder, White Ning, Purple Hill Majesty, & Zia Teal.  I wanted to lighten up the colors with the white and teal, because my last project, the ‘tree ring pour’ painting, ended up being so dark.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures during the paint application, but it kinda looked how Mark Montano applied US to ceramic tiles in much the same colors… I watched his, ‘How to: Unicorn Spit Backsplash’ tutorial video for some pointers.  So first, I lightly misted the surface with water, then I squirted small squiggly strips of US paint, mixing up the colors. 

I applied US in the same method that Montano used.

The trick was to keep the surface lightly misted so the paint would move and blend easily. Then, using my fingers, I spread out the paint and partially blended it together, to create the ‘marbled’ look.  The beauty of US is that if you don’t like the look after you finished blending, you can wipe off the surface and start again!

Montano blending the US paint on the ceramic tiles.

Alternatively, if you blend too the US paint much or wipe too much paint away, you can continually apply more paint until you are happy with the look! Once the paint becomes a ‘dull’ matte color, you know it has dried!

My finished product after blending is complete! Now to let it dry!
About $9-10

After the US paint dries thoroughly (I waited about 3 days) a finishing coat can be applied.  This is where the magic happens with US paint, because it brings out the colors and provides a 3D effect!  I chose to apply a couple top coats using a oil based polyurethane spray. 

Here is the finished product!

Top View
Side View

So… My next major project goal is to apply US to a small wooden object.  I can’t wait to find out what US will look like as a wood stain!!!

5 thoughts on “Major Project Progress: Swan to Peacock

  1. Loreli,

    I have enjoyed watching your progress in the use of Unicorn Spit, something I have never heard of before. I especially was interested in how you described the value of art therapy in the nursing profession.

    I mostly wanted to say that this week’s project is really eye-catching; I actually said wow when I first saw it. Not to say your earlier work was unimpressive, but the three-dimensional object with the finishing spray really took it to the next level.

    Looking forward to what’s coming next!


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    1. Thanks very much, Riley for your compliments! I have had so much fun trying to use US in different ways and can’t wait to try it out as a wood stain next! I can easily see how this versatile paint product could be used as a form of art therapy.


    1. Thanks so much, Kyla! I really appreciate your comments and happy to think that I may have inspired your daughter to try something new! It is so neat that US can be used in so many different ways – it is a lot of fun to use Unicorn Spit paint, and so easy, too! I can’t wait to try it as a wood stain 🙂

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  2. catherineready

    I love the finished product this week! I also enjoyed how you changed up how you shared your progress through pictures. I agree with the above comments and I really feel like I could do a project using US. Your explanation is very detailed but easy to follow!


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